Blackstone Valley Arms

Kitchen Cutlery is something you use everyday.  It should feel great in the hand and get the job done.  

My steel of choice for kitchen cutlery is CPM154CM, it holds a great edge, has good stainless properties and can be mirror polished.  I can make out of other steels on request.

I use vibrant hardwoods for most of my knives, the densities make them much stronger than a red oak that we are used to.  Some are Ebony, Pink Ivory, Chakta Viga (orange), Bloodwood and Morado.  Again any wood can be used in handle making including stabilized woods.  Synthetics of all kinds can also be used.

For home cutlery I like making bolsters, they can be out of brass, stainless or copper.  Stainless is the go to as it shines the best in a water environment.  Bolsters are a $50 extra 

Slicers - meat slicers/carvers are specifically designed to cut through dense meats.  Slicers do good work on hard vegetables also.  My wife likes the slicer as her everything blade.

With a narrower blade, I can chisel grind (hollow grind on one side) or flat grind slicers.  

Far left- 5.5" slicer, stainless bolsters, pink ivory handles and chisel grind for a rightie.  

Near left- black canvas micarta handles, 7" slicer, brass pins.

Man sized steak knife- I don't like crappy steak knives that need a serrated blade to tear through a good piece of meat; thin handles, plain style and Chinese steel.  I make my knives out of 3/16" D2 coming out at Rockwell 60 and combine them with exotic hardwoods with vibrant colors to give an heirloom quality steak knife that easily cuts your food and- like a Samurai's tanto-can get you out of any meal time skirmish.

I take traditional drop point, clip point or other field knife designs and make a 4" or 5" blade length instrument.  If you have large hands or small hands, I make the knife fit your hand shape.  Handle scales can be 1/8", but I prefer 1/4" or 3/8" for the man sized feel.

4" bladed steak knife starts at $150

5" bladed steak knife starts at $160

A kydex sheath can be added to make your steak knife become your custom side piece.  ($40-$50 extra)

Petty Knife - (or utility knife) Petty knives are larger than paring knives and can be as long as 6 inches.

They can be used for slicing vegetables or be your split personality with a pointed tip as your large parer.  

Paring knife - a small bladed knife for fine work in the kitchen.

I put the two together as a small Petty and large Parer blend into each other.

Far left- 5" hollow ground Petty knife, Cocobolo, stainless bolsters and pins.

Near left- 3" flat ground Paring knife, ready for bolsters and handles

4" Petty starts at $135

2" Paring starts at $115

Chef Knives    6" and 8" chef knives are the work horse of any kitchen and my best sellers.  Many people multitask with their chef knife to do many cutting chores.  As a custom maker, you get to choose from a design I make to anything you can dream up.            6" start at $250, 8" $275

On left- 6 and 8 inch knives.  Tip clipped for thinner profile, arc of blade for quick rocking, circle behind blade for comfort and to facilitate index finger on blade holding, as customers wanted.  From right- stainless bolsters and pink ivory hardwood handles, Brazilian cherry handles and stainless bolsters and also pink ivory handles with stainless bolsters.