I always liked knives but fell in love with them when I saw my first Mark I Gerber knife.  I saved up my money and bought one in my junior year of high school. After college, I met a friend and started doing Filipino stick and knife fighting, it was far from organized, but we went full contact with rubber knives and our own made pvc sticks and had loads of fun.  I always thought that a knife should point at its target and felt it was very hard to use a knife in an ice-pick grip.  Every time someone changed the angle on a knife, they made a boomerang shaped knife.  A knife should cut smoothly, not smack into something.  I changed the angle of the spine and kept the belly of the knife.  Simple, small change that is almost imperceptible when looked at.

     When I started to make my idea into a reality, I ran into Bruce Gillespie.  He helped me make the idea into an actual knife.  My dream was also to have a company that 100% of the manufacturing was done in the USA, anything less and I wasn't going to do it.  I know you will enjoy the finished product.

     I have been in Law Enforcement for 17 years and know what it is like to have my life in the hands of the good people I work with and the equipment I carry.  These knives are for protectors.  

    Be safe,

    Carl Blando


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Blackstone Valley Arms