Tanto -  4" or 5" blade with full size handle.  Great penetrating ability, chisel ground tanto.  I can put tradition grind on both sides but prefer to make the tanto a single sided chisel.  specify if want it righty or lefty.
Tantos start at $185

Mini Tanto - dubbed the Lil' chub tanto, it is my full size small tanto.  It is made to be a three finger knife, if you put on a lanyard you get your whole hand on it.  Also a chisel grind knife, I have enough guard so you feel secure in handling it, something small knives don't lend to being.
Mini Tantos start at $165


Utility knives - All different small sized knives.  Great for belt, neck or stowed away carry.   People like tiny houses, I like tiny knives.

Utility knives start at $135

Field Knife ​- I see a field knife as a straight spined traditional knife.  It has a 4" blade and full sized handle and can be in many shapes.  Hollow ground or flat grind whichever is needed.  

Field knives start at $200

All sizes, knives that become your EDC, I like 3/16" D2 at Rockwell 60, tell me if you want otherwise.

​Recurve Tanto - It combines the cutting potential of the wharncliff while keeping all you like in a tanto.  Recurve has a 5 1/4" blade with three chisel grinds and a 5" handle.
Recurve starts at $250

Spearpoint - Symmetrical shape and four grinds leave a great balanced blade for whatever comes your way.  Starting at 5 1/4" blade, can go as large as needed.  
Spearpoints start at $250

Blackstone Valley Arms


Hammerhead - Hammerhead is comparable to a smaller hand axe but when choked up on forward circle, you are at its balance point.  Aggressive blade geometry cuts through wood and brush quickly.  Great when you just want to carry one knife but want the ability of larger chopping blade.  I use it in the kitchen, cuts through bone, can quarter a chicken quickly. 
Hammerhead starts at $260 


Semi-skinner - smooth curves and great feel, drop point for no snags.  4" blade 9" overall length, synthetic or wooden handles.

Semi-skinners start at $210

Flatgrind- I have dubbed it the steak knife before I made the man sized steak knife.  It is a 5" blade or larger with a flat grind to take away weight.  With a 5 or so inch blade and a 5" handle you get a great traditional looking knife that is also perfect for defense.
Flatgrinds start at $225

All blades come with a multiposition kydex sheath.

Wharncliff - when you need great cutting power the wharncliff delivers.  They can be straight bladed or as curved as a linoleum knife.  Wharncliffs are chisel ground to lend to blade geometry to assist in cutting.  
Wharncliffs start at $185 for 4" blade.


I usually tell people I will make them anything they want inevitably I am told, "I trust you", so here are some of my trust knives.

3 finger knife - dubbed the lil' chub, a full size feel in a small knife.  A small knife that fits your hand well can become your everything blade.  Small enough to hide well and big enough to do whatever you need.  I have enough guard so you feel secure in handling it, something small knives don't lend to being.

3 finger starts at $165

Logos and personalized writing- I have helped make logos and had electro chemical etches made to mark the blades.  I am not a graphic designer but I get what you want created.  It all started with making my own logo when others couldn't make what I wanted.

Liner colors -​ I stock vulcanized fiber material in white, red, blue, black and yellow.  If you need something else, just ask.

Curve​ - this knife is my answer to a smaller knife like a Karambit.  It has a useful angle and traps with the point and helps hold with 3 notches on spine.  With the same ability to choke up close to blade and angle geometry that gets knuckles above what needs to be cut, it makes a great off-hand, big-small knife.
Curve starts at $240.

Mini Cleaver - is named for its looks but it is actually a slicing knife, It can be convexed ground and made larger to become a true cleaver.  Sizes start at 4" blade and 9" overall length.  Flat ground is how it comes.  

Mini cleavers start at $210

New models have jimping file marks, not deep notches

Cleave - first of the Tactical line, my first design.  Cleave has the characteristics of a great cutter, superior stabber and hook for in-fighting or outdoor uses.  Profile is similar to that of slashing swords.  It has a wide profile to protect the knuckles from being de-fanged and keeps knuckles off surface if doing alot of cutting.  (10 inch overall length- 4 1/4 blade with 5 inch handle)
Cleave starts at $250

File work and jimping - whether it is vinework or geometric I can hand file what you like.  I also use checkering file to make jimping marks where you want more grip.  All touches to make the knife more your own.